Synthetic Hair Care


Your synthetic hair extension has been manufactured with a long lasting curl memory and a delicate coating that can be damaged by use of incorrect products and styling tools.

Caring for synthetic ponytail hair extension is really quite easy (easier than human extensions as they don't need constant restyling), and by looking after your hairpiece it will last for a long time. To preserve and revive your synthetic extension please follow the instructions below.


Shampooing a Synthetic Hair Extension

Shampoo your ponytail hairpiece using a wig shampoo or you can also use a mild everyday shampoo. Add one to two capfuls of shampoo to a bowl of warm water and swirl hair gently, then rinse the same way. Do not use hot water as it can damage your hair.


Conditioning Synthetic Extensions

To condition hair use a conditioner designed for synthetic hair or you can also use “detangling” conditioner by adding a capful to a bowl of warm water. Your synthetic hair will not absorb conditioner like normal hair so Do NOT rinse.


Drying Your Synthetic Hairpiece

Squeeze excess water gently from hair, by moving from the bottom of your ponytail extension toward the top. Never wring your hair piece as it can damage the memory curl.

You can gently blot the hairpiece with a towel but don’t rub the hair. To dry your hair piece lay it flat on a towel until dry.
Adding Shine to Synthetic Hair

To give your synthetic hair some extra gloss you can apply a small amount of a fine oil such as jojoba or a light olive oil. Rub between your fingers and gently smooth onto hair in a downwards motion.

Styling Synthetic Hair Extensions

To avoid damaging the delicate coating of your synthetic extension it is best to comb using a wig comb or a wide tooth comb. For thicker curls you can even use your fingers.

When combing synthetic hair it is important to work gently from the ends of the ponytail extension toward the top, gradually removing any knots. Never start in the middle or at the top of your hairpiece as pulling at the hair will damage it, resulting in frizzing. It helps to hold the hair firmly at the top while you are working through it to prevent the hair from being pulled from where it is attached. Avoid the use of brushes and tight combs, as this will be too harsh on the hair and can cause static.

If you are having trouble removing tangles, you can use a water spritz or try using a kids detangling spray as these are mild but will help smooth hair to comb. Gentle styling product can be used, however it is best to avoid where possible, as your ponytail hairpiece should hold its original style if cared for properly.



PonytailShop hair extensions are not designed to use heated stying tools unless otherwise stated.